How to Simplify Sound Engineering for Churches!

A common reality for churches is the use of volunteers for AV production. This is awesome since it lets members serve the body and it stewards resources, but it can present its own unique set of challenges. DCAs allow you to take a professional console, and make it super easy to run for a volunteer with little know-how

We are going to be looking at DCAs on Allen & Heath’s new Avantis Digital Console, which features 16 DCAs.

What Are DCAs?

DCAs allow you to assign multiple channels to one fader. So instead of going to multiple faders to lower the volume of the drums, you can assign those channels to a single DCA. This means a volunteer can be given a few faders, set up as DCAs, that control the different elements used in your church service.

The Joy of DCAs on Avantis– We’ve all seen churches put tape around faders to keep them from moving. This makes sense if you have 4 hanging choir mics on a 60 person choir, and you found that perfect gain before feedback level. You wouldn’t want anybody messing that up, especially mid-service, so you would just tape the fader. The Avantis lets you limit the volume of a DCA, so that they can only bring up to the volume to level you have set it to.

*you can lock the console via user privileges, so that the EQ, and volume levels you set can’t be messed with

DCA Spills

Setting up the Avantis to engineer from DCA Spills will probably be the easiest way for churches to operate their console. When set up, a DCA Spill is just a button you push that gives you access to adjust the various components making up that DCA. So you can go in and fine-tune those choir mics, hit it again, and return to the simple operation of moving DCA faders. It is just a simple way of organizing all your components.

We Are Here to Help

Springtree, or any other great sound engineer, can go in and fine tune your room, and set up your console to operate from DCAs with DCA Spills, so you can simply have incredibly sounding worship.

How Much Would an Avantis Cost You?

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