Introducing The Premium Headworn Microphone!

We asked those in the industry, what makes a great over-the-ear-microphone? “Durability and sound quality,” said the production people. “Comfort,” said the talent. The Premium Headworn Microphone is durable, sounds incredible, and is so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing it. We thank everyone who contributed their feedback, as we introduce our new flagship microphone.

The Premium Headworn is an Omnidirectional, Dual-Ear Microphone for Speakers and Singers, with a Low Sensitivity to Annoyances, like Breathing and Popping Overloads. It is compatible with Shure or Sennheiser Wireless Systems. 

Why Another Over-Ear?

The established brands already have incredible sounding microphones, so why create a new one? The simple answer is that those microphones cost a small fortune. The Premium is for the church that wants to steward its resources. It is for the schools that want to produce incredible sounding musicals. It is for those who always feel awkward with an uncomfortable microphone over their ear. It is for those who will take the risk with the off-brand solution that sounds as good as microphones twice its price. We will guard that trust with a 1 year, fully replaceable, microphone warranty. Thank you for taking the chance on us. It has been our experience that, to use the Premium Headworn Microphone is to love it!

On top of sounding incredible, the Premium is easier to EQ, sounds better without an EQ, and is more comfortable to wear than its competitors. 

And Then There is Water 

Here at Springtree LED, our passion project is Microphones for Water. $20 of every microphone sold on Springtree LED goes to Living Water International to help fight the water crisis, and to fund water and hygiene projects in communities without clean drinking water

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