Introducing LightShark Lighting Consoles!

lightshark lighting console

What is LightShark?

LightShark is a brand of lighting consoles now available at Springtree, and we are pretty big fans! LightShark lighting consoles mix great hardware with wireless, web-based control from any smart device.

Two LightShark controllers are available: the LS-1 and LS-Core.

What Are The Differences Between The Two Consoles?

Both LightShark consoles feature the same processing power and software, with the difference being in the control surfaces. The LS-Core offers no control surface but is set-up and controlled through a tablet, smartphone, or computer. With the LS-1, web control from your choice of a smart device is combined with physical faders, encoders, and an independent DMX engine.

The LS-1 and the LS-Core feature 8 Universes of control: 2 direct DMX Universes, and 6 via network.

What Is The Price?

*The below price is reflective of March 2023 pricing.

MAP Price

Let’s Focus On The LS-1. What Makes It Great?

The key selling point of the LS-1 is that it is an intuitive, intermediate lighting console that is also affordable. Most intermediate lighting solutions are software-based, meaning you are running the show from a computer. Having a dedicated console versus a computer means you won’t have to deal with any more ill-timed Windows updates.

Many also prefer to run a service or show from a physical surface.

As an intermediate console, the LightShark LS-1 fits the niche between super-powered (and expensive) pro consoles and limited entry-level consoles. With 8 Universes, the LS-1 can handle a pretty large lighting show and has the features to help make your lighting spectacular.


A common argument is that smaller venues should use the software version of the Pro consoles with a DMX interface, which will make the pro-packed software affordable for smaller venues. While this may satisfy the budget, for most spaces that don’t have professional Lighting Designers on hand, this is missing a key need, intuitiveness.

Many spaces, like schools, churches, and theaters, need to train staff or volunteers to run the lights. No matter how often pro software throws out the word “intuitive,” those pro features come with a steep learning curve that limits who you can get to run your lights. While not complex, the LS-1 can still do complex things. The LighShark LS-1 is simple enough to learn from YouTube videos and easy to train others on.


lightshark ls1

LightShark consoles feature a built-in router for connecting to computers, tablets, and smartphones via an integrated web server. On your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you will join the LightShark’s wireless network like a typical Wi-Fi network. You will have the option to change the name and password of your LightShark’s network. Alternatively, your LightShark can connect via ethernet for a wired connection. Once connected, you can control the console from your smart device.

The LS-1 features a stand to hold your choice of tablet. Pictured above is an LS-1 holding an iPad. The LS-1 features a dedicated USB charging socket for keeping your tablet charged. The LS-1 will still be operational if your associated computer or tablet dies.

Who Is The LS-1 Good For?

The LS-1 is great for churches, schools, theaters, and medium-sized live events.


lightshark console portable

The LS-1 is compact enough to be your carry-on item for an airplane. An optional road case makes transportation of the console and your tablets easy while protecting your gear.

What Is The LS-Core Good For?

The LS-Core is perfect for applications that require a full lighting console with the smallest possible footprint. Its internal task scheduler makes it an ideal solution for architectural lighting and other fixed installation situations where you won’t be running a live show.

(Both the LS-1 and LS-Core feature an internal task schedular.)

Watch The LightShark Intro Video

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