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What Are The New ChamSys Connect Consoles?

ChamSys’ Compact Connect consoles are control surfaces that work with a computer to create a powerful lighting, media, and LED control console.

There are two models, the MagicQ Compact Connect and the MagicQ Compact Mini Connect.

Why Is There So Much Excitement?

ChamSys Connect Consoles are going to be hard to keep in stock. We think their appeal boils down to two main things: the compact design and the price point.

1st, The Compact Design

ChamSys divides its line of MaqicQ lighting consoles into two segments: Stadium Consoles and Compact Consoles. As the name suggests, all of ChamSys’ compact consoles have a small footprint, but the new Connect surfaces take this a step further. Connect Surfaces can easily fit hand luggage restrictions on airlines.

How They Compare

Compact Connect20.6”9”2.6”8lb
Compact Mini Connect12.9”8”1.8”4.1lb

2nd, The Price Point

The price point is probably the biggest draw! The Connect Surfaces bring you the power of MagicQ software with a physical control surface for a fraction of the price of standalone MaqicQ consoles.

Compact Mini Connect$1,250
Compact Connect$2,800

What Computer Systems Work With Connect Surfaces?

Connect Surfaces work with Mac, Windows, or Linux computers running the free MaqicQ software and connect via a USB-C connector.

Compact Connect vs Compact Mini Connect Features

Compact Mini ConnectCompact Connect
Direct DMX Outputs12
Fader Playbacks1010
Network Ports11
Attribute Encoders08
PowerUSBNeutrik powerCON
TRUE1 110 to 240 VAC
Universes Supported64 Universes via Artnet/sACN64 Universes via Artnet/sACN

How Does The Compact Connect and The MQ50 Compare?

Here is a quick look at some differences between the Compact Connect and the MQ50. 

  • The MQ50 doesn’t require the use of a computer. The Compact Connect does.
  •  The MQ50 features 4 Direct DMX Outputs. The Compact Connect features 2 Direct DMX Outputs.
  •  The MQ50 features a 10″ multi-touch display. The Compact Connect has no built-in screen.
  •  The MQ50 features built-in wifi for quick connection to MagicQ Remote App. The Compact Connect does not feature built-in wifi.

MaqicQ vs QuickQ Consoles

In addition to MagicQ, ChamSys also offers QuickQ software, which is intuitive for inexperienced users to learn and operate smaller lighting systems. So, which software is right for you?

QuickQ consoles are a great choice for theaters and small churches. They are easy to use, which will come in handy in volunteer-heavy facilities. However, MagicQ is the much more powerful option. If you are dealing with moving head fixtures, Pixel mapping, and multiple universes, you want to go with a MagicQ surface/console.

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MagicQ Features!


A quick look at some of the powerful features behind the software

  • MagicQ features a powerful Pixel Mapping engine.
  • Includes the MagicHD Media Player for operating combined lighting and media shows.
  • Includes powerful visualization software to pre-visualize your light show. It also can generate rigging paperwork, including plots and patch lists.
  • MagicQ supports Head Morphing, which enables a seamless and quick substitution of one moving-head fixture type for another. The software automatically transfers the programming from the old head type to the new head type, converting the show data as appropriate.
  • MagicQ features Head Cloning to easily add or subtract moving head fixtures from your pre-programmed light show. You can choose to clone all your show’s data to the new moving-heads or just the Palettes.

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