Introducing the ME-500!

Personal Mixing is definitely on the rise. Why? Because setting monitor levels is definitely one of the most time consuming elements of sound checking. As Allen & Heath’s Live Sound Product Manager put it,

“We’re seeing a big rise in personal mixing as venues and tours battle to keep sound levels on stage under control and try to make the most effective use of precious sound check time. Our established ME-1 personal mixers are superb for environments where there’s the time and expertise to craft the perfect mix of up to 40 sources for each performer, but many customers have been asking for a more accessible alternative that volunteers and first-time users can get great results with quickly and easily. That’s exactly what we set out to create with ME-500.”

Key Features


  • 16 Channel personal mixer
  • Plug ‘n’ play compatible with dLive, GLD, Qu and Aviom A-Net 16
  • Compatible with Digico, Yamaha, Avid and other mixers via ME-U hub
  • Connect any number of ME devices to a system
  • Mix and match ME-500 and ME-1 devices
  • Can be powered via PoE or external PSU (included)
  • Stereo headphone outputs on 3.5mm and ¼” jacks
  • ¼” TRS mono balanced line out for connection to stage monitor or IEM transmitter

We definitely want to highlight the 8 presets! These presets can cover levels, pan, mutes and key assignments that can be recalled at the touch of a button. They can be saved onto a USB key to transfer to other ME-500s.

View the ME-500 Product Page!

So What Is the Big Difference Between the ME-1 & ME-500?

The big difference is ease of use. Both are incredibly powerful tools, but the ME-500 features an easier to use workflow. As easy as pressing a button, its intuitive operation makes it ideal for applications with volunteers. Ideal for churches, schools, and venues with a high turnover of musicians (like songwriter nights).

  • Less Channels. The ME-500 offers 16, where the ME-1 can be up to 40.
  • ME-500 offers 2 band EQ. The ME-1 offers 3 band EQ.
  • ME-500 offers 8 presets, the ME-1 offers 16.
  • The ME-1 has group function and name display
  • The ME-1 had user assignable keys. The ME-500 has auto assigned keys.
  • Built-in ambient microphone.
  • Built-in signal generator.
  • The ME-500 is more affordable and easier to use.

It has a lower price point at MAP: $449.00

Our Favorite Things

Definitely the big plus is its ease of use, especially with Allen & Heath Digital Consoles. We will definitely be pairing this up with the popular QU Series.

Another plus is its scalability. It can be used by a soloist at a small coffee shop, or by a large orchestra playing a thousand seat hall. There is no limit of how many can be used. And the cool thing is that they can be used we the ME-1. So if you’re a church, and you already are using the ME-1, no need to start your inventory all over again.


(*picture above shows secure EtherCon connectors that allow the ME-500s to be daisy-chained, or deployed in a star topplogy using the ME-U or an off-the-shelf PoE switch.)

Thanks for reading!

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