LED Video Walls vs. Projection

A few years ago, our favorite projector company, Hitachi, left the market. We were sad to be losing such an incredible line, and bought as much of their inventory as we could. We thought they were only exiting the US market, but it turned out that they were leaving projection altogether. The writing was on the wall; the future was Video Walls.

The Many Benefits of Video Walls Over Projection

  1. No more changing lamps! Over time, a projector’s lamp fades and ultimately fails. Replacement lamps are expensive, and often include a cumbersome installation. No one misses changing lamps.
  2. What about laser projection? No changing lamps there, but the day you buy your laser projector is the brightest it will ever be. Its brightness fades over time. Where, with a lamp projector, you can just replace the lamp and regain that original brightness.
  3. Brightness. Video Walls are incredibly bright. Getting any comparable output from projection is extremely expensive. Video Walls produce high levels of luminosity, ensuring that content remains visible in well-lit areas or outdoor environments.
  4. No more worrying about washing out your projector screen with your stage lighting. One reason ellipsoidal fixtures are a popular front wash fixture is because they are framable, allowing you to avoid washing out your projection. Video walls are so bright, you don’t have to take that into consideration.
  5. Versatility in Size and Shape. LED walls are incredibly versatile when it comes to size and shape. They can be customized to fit virtually any space or layout, making them ideal for creative applications. Whether you need a small display for a conference room or a massive video wall for an event stage, LED walls can adapt to your requirements seamlessly. Projectors, in contrast, are limited by the projection distance and screen size, which can be challenging to adjust in tight spaces, and would require complicated projection mapping to achieve unique shapes and dimensions.
  6. No need to mount a projector. You are not limited by projector positioning and the need to ensure optimal projection angles and image alignment. You also eliminate the potential eyesore of a low-hanging projector.

LED walls have revolutionized the way we experience visual content. Their exceptional image quality, brightness, versatility, and reliability make them a superior choice over projection in most applications. The determining factor for most people is price. But, what if we told you that the price of a Video Wall is no longer that much higher than a comparable projection setup?

What’s The Price Difference?

A high-power projector in the 14K-16K range typically carries a price tag ranging from $20,000 to $25,000. When you include the lens, you’re looking at an additional $5000 expenditure. 

Then you’ll need a screen. A 220″ Diagonal Draper ShadowBox Clarion Fixed Projection Screen typically comes with an installed cost of approximately $3,000.

Projector + Screen + Mount + Installation = an estimated cost of $25,00 to $35,000

A beautiful 2.9 Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall with 45 panels at 8.2” H x 14.76′ W, including installation costs, would cost approximately $33,550. (Location and conditions may affect price)

Thanks for reading!