QU Firmware V1.9 Upgrade for iPad Control!

Responding to many requests, Allen and Heath has released a new free firmware upgrade that really ups the game of their QU series. We’ve been a big fan of these boards for a while, and so all these new features are like an added cherry on top. What you need to know:

Our favorite new feature, the updated QU-Pad app! Remotely controlling a board via app has become the norm of professional digital boards, and now with the Qu-Pad app you have control over

  • Every setting, parameter and control of your Qu mixers
  • Live mixing functions, processing, routing and effects
  • Scene management
  • 15 mixer SoftKeys across the whole Qu range
  • AMM
  • I/O patching
  • Qu-Drive stereo
  • Multitrack recording/playback facilities

Additional upgrades across the system:

  • Factory mic presets from Shure and Sennheiser
  • Streamlined DAW Control for Windows (already available for mac)
  • QU-Control App

Channel Library presets of the best selling Shure and Sennheiser microphones allow users to have a great starting point for achieving the best possible mix of their microphones. While, the new Qu-Control App for Apple products allows for five screens with up to 15 control widgets each, making everyday applications as easy as the click of a button. Widgets can control things like background music source selection, master zone level, scene recall, or microphone paging.

Click here to check out the QU Series (inquire for your personalized unbeatable low price) Click here to download Firmware V1.9

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