Our History by Southern Exposure Magazine

By Shari Lacy • Photos by Will Jordan  Dec 11, 2016

SpringTree Media Group owner, Peter Vaque, will be the first one to tell you that there was no great vision when SpringTree Media started almost 16 years ago as a small recording studio built in his home basement.  Small beginnings to what is a now a highly sought after media and audio visuals company in Franklin. A company whose talents you’ve probably come in contact with unknowingly at an event or two.

SpringTree is deeply woven into the fabric of Williamson County businesses and events, but the jobs they perform are behind the scenes so it’s possible you’ve never noticed. Their work is meant to showcase those in the limelight and if everything goes smoothly, they do just that.

“When we first moved to town, my wife and I built a nice house and I put in a recording studio in the basement. I played a little and wrote a little but it was just for fun. Lots of great people came through. It was just a side thing for me though,” he adds.

 Back in the day, SpringTree Media was actually founded as a publishing company for a musical that Peter wrote titled “A Porcelain Christmas.” “It was just a different way of telling the Christmas story. I was kind of tired of seeing all the same types of Christmas presentations and I had something to say so I got it marketed and performed in a lot of churches and then realized I didn’t have anything else in me to write!” he laughs.

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