Vlogging: Get Pro Sound from your iPhone!

Vlogging= a video blog

Every single day,  millions of people across the world tune in to watch a handful of content creators share a small part of their day. These are the most popular, but vlogging isn’t solely for those on YouTube with millions of views or those who desire internet fame. It is an intimate and powerful form of communication that can encourage, and inspire others.

It is a mix of story, visual stimuli, and very personal humanity. It is a great way for small businesses to standout in a sea of of content. Or for the individual to share their creative energy.

Film maker Casey Neistat made his mark by carrying around a heavy Canon 70d on a gorrilapod everywhere he went, creating a high quality vlog everyday for over a year! (if you are interested in vlogging we definitely recommend checking out his channel) The good news is that an incredible camera is probably already in your pocket most of the day; your iPhone 7 has the potential to be an incredible tool! A way to make the quality of your content standout will be audio. Shure has developed some affordable microphones that make capturing great audio a breeze.

Shure Motiv Microphones


Shure has designed a line of microphones to work with iOS devices, giving you the freedom to record anywhere from your iPhone or iPad. Along with their microphones comes an easy to use app thats free to download from the app store. The Motiv app allows you to record and control your microphone.

The MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone


Achieve great film sound by just plugging in the microphone and hitting record. It will sound great right out of the box, and is as portable as it gets! The free Motiv app doesn’t even have to be used, but offers you greater control over your presets if you so desire. It can pivot and rotate to give you the directionality you desire. This is definitely our recommendation for the generation of cellphone cinematographers! MAP: $149.00

The MV5 Condenser Microphone


While sounding great, its definitely not hands free when moving, so we wouldn’t recommend this for the vlogger on the go! When would this be the perfect fit? We would recommend the MV5 for stationary portion of vlogs, or for podcasting. It is also the ideal microphone for quickly recording music on the go. Super compact, it can fit in your purse or backpack for voiceover work on the go! MAP: $99.00

Why Not Just Use a GoPro?

GoPros capture incredible footage. So by all means, use them! They are great for creating montages and adventure footage. They are; however, known for their poor audio quality. So while you can add exciting music to your adventure montage, a Motiv microphone will allow you to switch over to your phone when you need to capture dialogue. Plus you can invest the savings of not buying an extra camera in buying a professional quality microphone for your iPhone.

Test Footage of MOTIV Microphones Used for Vlogging!


A Video for Inspiration!

(*its a Samsung ad, we don’t even sell Samsung, so you know it has to be a good video for us to even include it!)

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  1. Download Motiv for free at the app store
  2. See the full Motiv Microphone Line
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