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Sennheiser has long been a powerhouse in the film industry! In 1987 their MKH 816 shotgun microphone was honored at the 59th Academy Awards. It is in protection of this legacy that they continue to innovate.

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Their current selection of shotgun microphones deliver incredible directionality and offer reliable performance. Yet, it is their innovation beyond the shotgun microphone that has deeply impressed us. This blog post is a tribute to that innovation!

Sennheiser’s AVX

There’s a good chance you are already familiar with this system. Its quality has quickly made it a loved choice for videographers. Designed to be used with HD DSLR cameras, the AVX is a wireless microphone solution that offers the option of  a handheld or lavalier microphone.

The magic is in the receiver!


Small and flexible, the receiver can plug into larger cameras via an XLR audio input or to DSLRs via an included adapter to your camera’s audio input. No need to find a frequency, automatic configuration allows you to be connected as soon as you turn your camera on. Running on phantom power, it turns off when your camera is off to save battery. By operating at 1.9GHz it avoids interference problems that plague many wireless systems.

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Nothing Like an Artsy Short Film to Promote a Product!


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AVX-835 Handheld SET with receiver and SKM AVX-835 handheld microphone that offers a optimized dynamic range for the elimination of background noises. MAP $799.00

 AVX ME-2.jpg

AVX-ME2 SET with receiver and an easily concealed ME-2 lavalier microphone. MAP $899.95

avx combo.JPG

AVX-Combo SET with receiver, SKM AVX-835 handheld, and ME-2 lavalier. MAP $1,299.95

AVX MKE2.jpg

AVX-MKE2 receiver and bodypack with an incredible MKE2 lavalier microphone. MAP $1,049.95

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