A Minimalist Lighting Company?

Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. 

Minimalism has become a very popular movement. It brings to mind a picture of tiny homes, small wardrobes, and an anti-consumerism. Though minimalism is much more then its stereotypes, it has made a huge impact due to its stark contrast with our consumer culture. It focuses on using less, so that you need less, and have less stress.

A Tiny Home

So while we wouldn’t call ourselves minimalists, or identify ourselves with a movement, at our core we share its values. Why? Because we believe life is more then stuff, and that includes the things that we sell. We see our value in illuminating the plays theaters produce, adding color to worship services across the country, and participating in cool projects, like lighting the stages in the Nashville Airport. Our lights are used in many public schools within our county, and there is nothing cooler then lighting up a production of kids singing while their proud parents snap photos. For us, this is value.

Value in Lighting

It has been our observation that techies tend to be the most stressed people in a whole production. With technology becoming better, why is this? Why is lighting becoming more complicated? With fixtures that are more powerful then ever, why are spending budgets increasing dramatically? It was with these factors in mind that we set out to create something that was different. 

So how did we simplify?

  1. By selling direct. By selling directly to you we are differing from the old and tried method of selling to other resellers. This allows us to keep prices low, and limit the amount of people you have to deal with should a problem arise.
  2. By keeping our lighting line small. A trend we’ve seen in LED lighting is that most major companies have extensive catalogs since development costs have lowered. While we see the value in this, we decided that instead of making 30 LED Pars we would have a few that are powerfully versatile. Take our 912 Pars as an example. They have been used as main house lights, backlights, front wash, and for uplighting. By offering a small catalog of fixtures that perform, we help simplify your choice making.
  3. Free shipping within the continental US. This one simplifies things for us just as much for you. Never worry about calculating shipping costs when you are budgeting.
  4. By being available to talk. We know buying lights is a significant investment. We are here to talk if you want to learn more. Our staff isn’t paid commission. This allows them to be helpful without trying to sell for sellings sake.
  5. Creating a seamless shopping experience. When designing our store, we designed it easy to find and purchase what you need. PayPal is secure and trusted. If you prefer you can also contact us to purchase directly. 

By keeping things simple, we want to help you focus on whats important. Adding value and beauty to this world. We can’t wait to see what you can do with our fixtures.

Thanks for reading!

definition of minimalism from theminimalists.com

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