What is Harman’s Connected PA? & Should you buy it?

Harman just announced something and it seems like a game changer!

It is a completely integrated PA system by Harman that simplifies the whole sound setup. It does this through presets that save you the enormous amount of time of having to individually set parameters. What seems cool about this system is that it allows people with limited knowledge to go in and achieve a great sound without stressing, and for those with the know how, it still allows an enormous amount of control with the added perk of a streamlined setup.

Its Current Components

Soundcraft’s Ui24R


The mixer and heart of the system. Its a 24 channel digital mixer that take up minimal space and can be rack mounted. It is on the leading edge of mobile control and a great performing mixer. We love installing these at schools, because it allows easy but powerful control via an iPad.

JBL’s PRX800W Loudspeakers


A family of 8 Powered loudspeakers that achieve a great sound. These speakers sound incredible, and are very reliable. What is cool is that one app allows you to control both the speakers and the mixer!

AKG P5i Microphone


A Vocal Microphone that features a supercardioid polar pattern. It is designed to create clean, vibrant vocals.

DBX Di1 Direct Box 

A direct box for connecting your instruments to the mixer without using microphones. What is special about this particular direct box though is that retains your presets, and is instantly recognized by the App.


  • Sounds Great
  • Easy to use
  • Created by some of the most trusted brands in the industry
  • Likely expansions of integrated products in the near future


  • Limited amount of compatible products
  • Having to manually set all other microphones

What we would use it for

Designed for bands, this system would be great for small/medium size mobile churches and schools. The easy to use interface would make it ideal for situations that require faculty and volunteers to be trained on it, and its easy set up would make church volunteer’s lives a lot easier!

Thanks for reading! (information from harman.com)

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