Incredible Blackmagic Design Products You Probably Didn’t Know About!

When someone says Blackmagic Design, what probably comes to mind are their digital film cameras, or if you are an editor, their industry leading color correction software. This makes sense considering that they shattered the price wall for film quality motion picture cameras. Yet, their innovation created a host of products that give small budget content creators the tools to make a big professional impact!

The Blackmagic Web Presenter

Live streaming is a powerful tool of communication and promotion, and is getting more popular every year. Most major Social Media Platforms allow users to live stream.


Blackmagic’s Web Presenter allows you to turn any SDI or HDMI camera into a webcam, allowing you to blow away the competition in terms of quality, and create content with a professional feel. The optional Terenax Mini Smart Panel allows you to switch between a SDI and HDMI source. So you could be presenting a product on a SDI Camera, and then switch in real time to your computer for a slide show. 

Why this product’s innovation is so cool is that it saves you a lot of work, while being more affordable then the alternative encoders. Rarely will the easier solution be better quality, and more affordable. And it is for delivering this rarity, that Blackmagic Design is dominating the industry. MAP $495.25 


Blackmagic’s Intensity is the perfect gift for gamers! It allows them to capture their game play in high quality recordings that won’t drop motion or frames. It also allows you to push the quality of your consumer cameras. Most consumer cameras automatically compress files when recording. You can record directly from your camera via HDMI or Component onto your Intensity, bypassing compression to get true HD quality out of your consumer camera. MAP: $199.05

ATEM Television Studio HD

Our attention spans are dwindling, which means that it takes smooth constant transitions to capture a modern viewers attention. The good news is that Blackmagic has made doing so affordable! Their ATEM Television Studio is a live production switcher that can switch between 4 SDI and 4 HDMI inputs for a total of 8 sources! MAP: $995

It is jam packed with great features, here are just a few worth mentioning!

  • Free Software to control from your computer
  • Front Panel Control
  • Compact design, it is smaller then any other comparable broadcast quality switcher in the world!
  • Built in multi view, for seeing all your sources on a single monitor
  • Built-in transition effects
  • A professional audio mixer


We love products that inspire creativity, and are huge fans of Blackmagic Design! Thanks for reading!

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