Create Emotions Using Colors!

Simple things can have a huge impact! The colors and lighting you are surrounded by affect your emotions regardless if you are aware of it. By just making simple choices, non-professional lighting designers can create a beautiful lighting atmosphere that will achieve their desired “feel.” 

Light & Emotion

A lack of light can cause depression. Long exposure to harsh fluorescent lighting can cause unease and stress. And studies have shown that people tend to be happier and more optimistic on sunny days. Warm light makes us feel cozy.

Warm natural lighting is ideal for making performers look pleasant and natural. 


Due to learned social norms as kids and biological responses, certain colors evoke emotion. 


The color of romance is also a strong cue for danger and increased hostility. Which makes sense. You get red-faced from blushing and from anger. 

So when should you use red? Well, when romance is the intended atmosphere it’s an obvious choice, while in normal circumstances it should be used to heighten emotion.  


Orange is for high energy without the danger signals that come with red! It is the perfect choice for lighting events that involve rigorous physical activity.


Though commonly associated with sadness, blues create a peaceful atmosphere. So they are perfect for moments of contemplation at church or for uplighting a calm social gathering. Evoking calmness is a quality of colors with shorter wave lengths like greens and blues. 

Darker shades can be used to convey sadness, while blue light has been shown to help people stay awake. Blue can be also used to build an element of trust. This is why it is used so often in corporate logos.


Calming like blue, greens foster creativity and focus. They can be used to convey nature, hopefulness, and fun. So they mix great with blue to create peaceful lighting. 

Washing a performer in green can be a good character choice if you want them to look wicked (or sickly). Think the Wicked Witch of the West.


Yellow is a tricky color to use effectively. It can be a nice compliment with other colors but can make people look sickly. While it does have an emotional association with happiness, using it to create an emotional feel of joy is a bit harder. For trying to convey a burst of joy, we suggest using more of a golden yellow with some orange mixed in. Think sunlight.  

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