Would Control 4 Be a Good Fit for Your Business?

Dreams of future technology have always been attached with the promise of simpler business operations. Yet, as technology continues to advance, the modern business owner finds more on their plate then ever before! That is why a company out of Utah has made such a huge splash, because their products simplify life. They offer incredible business automation technology. Efficiency and Ease of Use By automating your business’s technology, you can easily add a great consistency that can save you money, while allowing you to not have to focus on the daily grind of mundane business operations. Control all your lights from one place. Create presets that allow your customers to be greeted with the perfect temperature, music, and video content. At the end of the day, close shop with the push of button that sets your alarm, turns off or dims your lights, adjusts your thermostat, and turns off your tvs. Where these systems really shine! 
  • Restaurants and Bars With lots of televisions, music in the bathrooms, and the need to train multiple users in operation, restaurants are the perfect application.
  • Boardrooms Going into a meeting, and then having to deal with video resolutions is not only frustrating, but kills efficiency. Control 4 allows you to easily transition into meeting mode, with one button control to close your blinds, dim the lights, and start your video presentation. Having a single source of control makes training multiple users easy.
  • Hospitality Hotels can save big on energy costs, by automating lighting and thermostats throughout their facility!
  • Gyms Gyms tend to have lots of tvs, but on top of control over your entertainment system, Control 4 allows you to manage your pool, and spa.
Thanks for reading! Interested in automating your business? Feel free to contact us for more information. Information from Control4.com

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