LED Hanging Lights

led hanging lights

LED Hanging Lights can mean many different things to different people, from elegant, minimalistic LEDs at a trendy restaurant to industrial lights in a warehouse. Nowadays, many office buildings feature sharp-looking LED Pendant Bars like the one pictured above.

The Problem With Most LED Hanging Lights

The above fixture is not a Springtree fixture but is the typical LED Pendant Bar one would see at a modern office or restaurant. The problem with the above fixture isn’t its LEDs (they appear to be high quality), but the way it dims. This expensive lighting fixture features 0-10V Dimming, the scourge of the architectural lighting world.

What Is 0-10V Dimming?

Traditionally, architectural lighting used incandescent lighting with massive dimmers that could dim beautifully by regulating the flow of power to the incandescent fixtures. Then came fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting became popular due to lasting longer and being more energy efficient than incandescent lighting, but fluorescent lighting wasn’t dimmable. So 0-10V dimming was invented, and it was terrible, with severe stepping, being not smooth or accurate to your fader’s position. This is understandable, considering that fluorescent lighting was never intended to be dimmable.

Then came LEDs, a technology permitting a smooth 0-100% dimming curve. But 0-10V dimming remains one of the most popular ways to dim LEDs in architectural lighting, and it’s still terrible!

(watch the above video for more info 🙂)

LED Hanging Lights at Springtree

Architectural lighting is a huge part of what Springtree does, but we come from the theatrical lighting world, which has affected how we do architectural lighting. In the theatrical world, you need precise control of your lights. We bring the same mindset to architectural lighting. DMX is the lighting protocol language of stage lighting and is used to control our architectural lighting.

LED Hanging Lights means something specific at Springtree. It means lighting fixtures that are 0-100% DMX dimmable.

DMX doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as using one of our WallDim1 controllers (above) to fade your lights up and down as you like. Yet, DMX also gives the flexibility to control many different fixture types together to illuminate your facility the way you want.

LED Lights In A Restaurant

Our favorite sushi restaurant uses hanging Springtree Spatial LED Minis. They serve as a beautiful visual element as you look across the restaurant while providing warm, comfortable light for the patrons to eat under. The restaurant also uses bracketed Spatial LED Minis to light up its bar with vibrant colors.

LED Hanging Light In A Church

Any church already using DMX stage lighting can benefit from DMX architectural lighting for centralized control. They can use a Wall Station to control their house and lobby lighting and to program a few basic stage lighting scenes into it. So when the youth minister wants to use the main auditorium for a simple youth event, they don’t have to use the lighting console. They press a button, and the stage and house lighting comes on. During a service, the tech can take control of all the DMX lighting on a lighting console, and the DMX Wall Stations become inoperable, so no one can accidentally mess with the worship service light settings.

LED Lights In An Office

An office can create vibrant color in their lobby and team area using Springtree’s hanging Spatial LED Minis with acrylic crystals, distraction-free lighting using Warm White pendants in each office, and recessed LEDs in a drop ceiling in the bathrooms. All of which can be smoothly dimmed and easily controlled via DMX Wall Stations. Controlling the office’s lights could be as easy as pushing a button, with individuals able to have their own Wall Stations in their zone.

Springtree LED Hanging Lights

Spatial Pendants

The LED Spatial Pendant is an 80-degree, 120 Watt COB LED house lighting fixture. They are beautifully bright, with even coverage that blends smoothly together in multiples. Spatial Pendants are available with an RGBWW LED COB engine for color creation or a Warm White LED COB engine for a natural feeling warm white.

Lo-Vo Fixtures

Lo-Vo stands for low-voltage and is an architectural lighting system that features fixtures that are powered and controlled via a Power Driver. Lo-Vo is an affordable way to beautifully and flexibly illuminate your venue however you want.

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Lo-Vo Retrofitting

If you can’t see the bulb, there is a good chance you can retrofit a traditional pendant fixture with a Lo-Vo LED module. We had a school that wanted a pendant fixture they liked from Home Depot. We then retrofitted it with our 50Watt Round LED Modules. It is now 0-100% DMX dimmable and controlled with the rest of their DMX lighting.

So, there are many different LED hanging lights out there, but we hope this blog post helped show what makes Springtree LEDs different. If you have any questions, please call us at 615-599-1505 or fill out a contact form.

Thanks for reading.